Motion Design Reel

This is work I designed and animated using primarily After Effects, Cinema 4D, X-particles, and Marvelous Designer.

“The Saturn Parable” Trailer

I combined narrative elements from a few different scenes to create this trailer from the motion graphics and 3D shots I designed and animated for Wharton Interactive’s “The Saturn Parable” game.

Articulate with Jim Cotter Season 5 Sizzle Reel

I pitched, designed, animated, and edited this 30 second sizzle for season 5 of “Articulate with Jim Cotter.”

Wharton Interactive AI Series

For this series, I worked with Wharton Interactive to develop the visuals and format for five videos explaining how AI can assist teachers and students in education. I created a graphics package and the art direction for the series and was the editor on three of the five videos. There is an animated section at 3:52 to help visualize how AI works.

Wharton Global Forum 2023

I worked alongside Wharton’s internal creative team for this video. They requested that it not fit their brand guidelines exactly, but still fit within their overall creative direction. I developed the look with one of their in-house designers and worked with their marketing team to use their own stock library and addition to Getty stock because there wasn’t time to shoot any original footage.

Feature Segment for Author Vikram Paralkar

This is a feature length segment I worked on with a writer and two videographers. I worked with the writer in pre-production to plan the look and content of the b-roll shoots with Vikram. I also designed and animated the motion graphics used during his books excerpts. I used inspiration from the art direction of his book covers as a starting point for the designs. His books are a mix of science and fantasy with dark themes, and we wanted to reflect that in the visuals of the piece. Motion graphic portions are at 1:13 and 7:26.

Wharton People Analytics Conference Video

For this project, I was given the media, interviews, and some visual reference for what they wanted the graphics package to look like. I designed and animated the graphics and constructed the story from the interviews after discussing the key talking points they wanted to hit.

Wharton Interactive Trailer

This is a trailer for interactive courses created and run by Wharton Interactive. The client was very open to ideas but wanted it to appeal to an international audience. There were also very few available assets from the actual game since they were still early in development. I created high resolution pdfs of the game pages and in-game videos to recreate the pages in 3D in After Effects and make them more dynamic and immersive for the trailer.

Motion Design sections start at 16 seconds in.