Articulate with Jim Cotter Season 5 Sizzle Reel

I designed, animated, and edited this 30 second sizzle for season 5 of “Articulate with Jim Cotter.”

Wharton Interactive Trailer

This is a trailer for interactive courses created and run by Wharton Interactive. The client was very open to ideas, but there were limited assets to pull from. I created high resolution pdfs of the game pages and in-game video to recreate the pages in 3D and make them more dynamic and immersive for the trailer.

Motion Design sections start around 16 seconds in.

Business Tarot Cards

I created these for an interactive portion of Wharton’s Entrepreneurship Game.

Wharton More Than Ever Campaign Anthem Video

This video was created with the Wharton Development team for a large fundraising campaign. I primarily worked with them from pre to post-production on the concept, editing, and animation.

Wharton People Analytics Conference Video

For this project, I was given the media, interviews, and some visual reference for what they wanted the graphics package to look like. I designed and animated all the graphics and constructed the story from the interviews after discussing the key talking points they wanted to hit.